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Using Statistics To Improve Jiu Jitsu Performance

Stats are amazing, you can use them to prove a point, justify an action, and even improve performance. In this case we are aiming for the latter. We did the 2012 Worlds study so that we could help develop tournament strategies that would put us in a  position to succeed. But collecting the data is one thing, applying it on the mat is something totally different. Check out the video above to get an idea of how to use this kind of information in the real world.
If you haven’t read our full study or Jiu Jitsu magazine article yet make sure you go to the front page and check it out.

2 replies on “Using Statistics To Improve Jiu Jitsu Performance”

Im diving into these stats! Awesome work. I would love to see this data divided by weight also, and in lower belts as blues. I will repost this article if allowed in our wordpress blog. Thumbs up!

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