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Not Fighting With Tyler and Jena Bishop

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Not Fighting

With Tyler and Jena Bishop


Tyler and Jena Bishop are jiu jitsu black belts and stewards of and The Not Fighting Show. Jena is a BJJ world champion at black belt and ADCC veteran; one of only 5 American Females to boast these accomplishments. Tyler is a former MMA champion, FloGrappling commentator, and influential technology entrepreneur.

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BishopBjj News

Bishop BJJ Episode 1 – Tyler & Jena Bishop Move To California

Bishop BJJ Episode 1 Summary

Bishop BJJ will begin following Tyler and Jena as they live the jiu jitsu lifestyle in San Diego California. Tyler and Jena Bishop begin their journey out West and say goodbye to everyone in St. Louis in episode 1.  The video includes…

  • Tyler & Jena’s final speeches
  • Rolls from their last class
  • Footage from their trip across the country