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The Takedown Blue Print

DVD cover with 1 disc
We don’t promote a lot of outside material here, but this new takedown for BJJ series is on another level. It also has some serious credibility behind it.
The Takedown Blue Print is a new series by Olympic Judo medalist  Jimmy Pedro and Olympic team member Travis Stevens.
Whether you are a BJJ practitioner looking to improve your throws or a high level Judo practitoner looking for help from the very best, 4x Olympian Jimmy Pedro – The Best US Judo Competitor ever and 2x Olympian Travis Stevens will show you in tremendous detail how to take your opponent down.”
Throws such as
– Osoto Gari
– Ouchi Gari
– Ippon Seoi Nage
– Drop Seoi Nage
– Sumi Gaeshi
– Foot Sweeps
– Tai Otoshi
In addition, Travis and Jimmy teach you to deal with the most troublesome BJJ competitors including
– Wrestlers
– The guy who grabs double lapels
– the guard puller
It you can’t take your opponent down, you are not a complete grappler and this DVD will help you get there.
Here is a sample technique against a guy who grabs double lapels:
People are really liking this throw  by Travis at Copa Podio as well:
We seriously recommend checking it out, and upping your takedown game.

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