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Respect Jiu Jitsu -1 Google Hangout Stream

Watch the Respect Jiu Jitsu -1 live Google Hangout and YouTube stream here!
The event kicks off at 7pm, with our broadcast beginning just prior. The link will not work until we are live, so don’t freak out :).
Be sure to interact with Tyler and Phil during the Respect Jiu Jitsu. Ask for certain views or inquire about match details and they will do their best to answer on air.
YouTube stream:

Respect Jiu Jitsu

respect jiu jitsu -1
The goal of is to expand and empower the jiu jitsu community. We want to emphasize the science and art of jiu jitsu in fun and exciting ways. We want to highlight what makes jiu jitsu so calculated, but also what makes it so much fun. Our vision is that the studies, videos, and material we produce will ultimately go towards the collective benefit of the field (everyone who visits). We are happy to join the broadcast team of Respect Jiu jitsu.
Tyler and Jena Bishop are black belts inside the Gracie Humaita association (presided over by Master Royler Gracie). They primarily train in St. Louis under black belt Pan American Champion JW Wright. Jena received her black belt in July of 2013, and Tyler received his in July of 2014. They are expected on future Respect Jiu jitsu cards.