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Fuji Suparaito Gi Review

fuji suparaito gi review

Review for Fuji Suparaito

The new Fuji Suparaito gi is the newest addition to the Fuji gi line. It is designed as the ideal lightweight kimono. It’s built to be both an everyday training gi for the warmer months, and as a true competition gi for when you really need those extra lbs for weigh-in’s. They currently come in two design schemes: white/navy and blue/neon green. Without further ado, my Fuji Suparaito gi review…

Info for the Fuji gi review

As Fuji sponsored athletes, Jena and I received brand new Suparaito gi’s right before they were released to the market. We have both been very big fans of the Fuji Sekai gi’s, and have talked about that at length on the podcast and in interviews. So to be quite honest, when we first got the gi’s we weren’t sure they could ever become our favorite; as neither of us have to worry much about weight for competition and we don’t mind the heat in the summer. We have both appreciated the durability, utility, and build of the Sekai’s so we weren’t that excited about a new lightweight gi.

First impressions of Fuji Suparaito

Fortunately for us, and credit to Fuji, the Supariato gi encompasses all of the great features that we love about the Sekai in a lightweight model of the gi. There are subtle differences in the gi’s that we will discuss below; however, if you’d like to hear first hand our impressions of the gi – plus the opinion of US Olympian Travis Stevens – check out our latest podcast; as we discuss the gi at length.
suparaito gi review

The look of the Fuji Suparaito:

The Suparaito gives you two completely different color schemes to choose from. Those interested in a  more traditional appeal will likely gravitate towards the white w/ navy stitching. Those with an eye for flash and pop will likely have a greater interest in the blue w/ neon green stitching. Both offer tapering around the skirt, sleeves, and pant legs that add bonus utility while also keeping the gi slim fitting and functional.
The tapering makes playing lapel guard against someone with this gi very difficult, as the gi does not lose form. It is a very pratical gi for guard passers in my opinion. Training partners that want to drill worm guard with you will rue this gi.
The gi offers a suberb mix of traditional Fuji style with a modern splash of color and design. The Suparaito – like the Sekai – finds that proper balance between style and functionality without going over the top.
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Feel of the Fuji Suparaito:

The obvious difference between the Suparaito and the Sekai is the weight of the gi. Both offer what is in my opinion, the most flexible and secure fit available on the market today. Depending on what you like, the Suparaito may offer even more comfort when rolling. The lightweight feel, combined with the tapered fit, provides a very nice fit of the gi.
This means that the gi doesn’t slide around on you. Many gi’s will leave you with that sensation that you’re “swiming” in it once it gets wet and worn. The Sekai and Suparaito both are designed well enough that this is never a problem.

Many gi’s will leave you with that sensation that you’re “swiming” in it once it gets wet and worn.

What’s more, Fuji has utilized a familiar material for the top and pants of the Suparaito. Our favorite feature of the Sekai has long been the design that prevented the gi from stretching (even when soaking wet). This helps with grip-breaking, prevents the gi from moving around on you, and help maintain proper fit despite lightweight gi
The Suparirato maintains these same beneficial features; even in a lightweight form. This is very impressive. You would be hard-pressed to find another lightweight gi on the market that doesn’t stretch in the sleeves when wet. We have yet to encounter one.
Additionally, the Suparaito utilizes the same rip stop/cotton blend pants as the Sekai. These are some of my favorite pants. They feel very light, and offer a smooth fit without restriction.

Utility of the Fuji Suparaito lightweight gi:

Much like the Sekai, the Suparaito comes with a tapered and shortened skirt. This may be one of the best features available in modern gi’s. If you hate passing the lapel guards as much as I do, the Sekai and Suparaito are must haves. There are actually escapes/transitions that I won’t use unless I’m wearing one of these new Fuji’s.
Another great feature that we’ve mentioned above is the lack of stretching in the material. This is such a necessary function. When you’re passing the guard the last thing you want is your opponent being able to pull added dexterity from your gi material. The Suparaito material does not stretch. This makes breaking grips and controlling grips much easier; as any give in the gi only strengthens your opponents grips.
Ultimately, the utility in this gi comes primarily from the shortened skirt and stretch-less material. Both features have become a luxury I would hate to live without. If you like to pass the guard, you can use this gi as a weapon.
fuji gi review

Overall Impression of Fuji Suparaito vs. Sekai:

This will quickly become one of the most sought after gi’s for competition BJJ. The lightweight mix of style and utility make this a top tier gi on the market. It also is currently has a very affordable price tag. There are instances in which I would prefer the Sekai, and instances in which I would prefer the Suparaito. The best solution is to own one of both. This gi get’s my strongest recommendation.

Note: I am sponsored by Fuji. I only wear Fuji gi’s now; however you guys know me, I am going to give my honest opinion always. If you listen to the podcast, you know this 🙂