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Science of Jiu Jitsu Podcast #19

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The Science of Jiu Jitsu Podcast is back… again!
Tyler, Jon, and fan favorite Phil “the Gill” Lampe talk about…

  • Nicknames and other nonsense
  • Pre-workout supplements
  • AJ Agazarm taking over Metamoris’s Instagram (weird story… inside info)
  • Metamoris failures (there’s a lot, and we get off topic making fun of Ralek)
  • Breakdown a real life challenge match (this is weird, you’ll enjoy it)
  • Look at the gross appeal of freak show match-ups
    • Dream match = Huckster vs. Charles Crazyhorse Bennett
  • Talk about street fights
    • Talk about the mass appeal of “Beef Fights”
  • Get way off topic
  • Fuji!

We bring the podcast back with a bang and have a few unexpected guests. The hardcore audience will love this back to our roots podcast. Please leave comments and help us keep the dream alive.

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Wow the host is talking trash about the EBI overtime and he doesnt know how the rules even work? If you choke someone from the back, the other guy still gets a chance to go to your back afterwards.

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