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The Science of Jiu Jitsu Podcast is back… again!
Tyler, Jon, and fan favorite Phil “the Gill” Lampe talk about…

  • Nicknames and other nonsense
  • Pre-workout supplements
  • AJ Agazarm taking over Metamoris’s Instagram (weird story… inside info)
  • Metamoris failures (there’s a lot, and we get off topic making fun of Ralek)
  • Breakdown a real life challenge match (this is weird, you’ll enjoy it)
  • Look at the gross appeal of freak show match-ups
    • Dream match = Huckster vs. Charles Crazyhorse Bennett
  • Talk about street fights
    • Talk about the mass appeal of “Beef Fights”
  • Get way off topic
  • Fuji!

We bring the podcast back with a bang and have a few unexpected guests. The hardcore audience will love this back to our roots podcast. Please leave comments and help us keep the dream alive.