It's Science Fernando Terere Stats

Fernando Terere Stats

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Stats Breakdown

All matches observed of Fernando Terere used in this small sample occurred at major jiu jitsu events in the years 2001-2016. Only techniques, occurrences and outcomes that were recorded are displayed in the data below (i.e. if no butterfly sweeps occurred, there will not be a representation of that in the sample data charts). Matches were selected at random based on freely available matches.

Quick Fernando Terere Stats

  • 93% win rate
  • Scored first in 100% of wins
  • Submitted his opponent in 64% of wins
  • Average match length was approximately 6:30
  • 65% of passes were leg weaves or X-passes
  • 47% of his guard passes were initiated from standing
  • Back chokes accounted for 66% of all of his submission wins

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Looking At All The Data

Fernando Terere is considered a living legend in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. There was an era in which he was considered invincible, followed by an era in which he battled his own personal demons. With over a decade since he first burst on the scenes as one of the feared competitors in the games, Terere is competing once again; which has a us looking back on what made him so successful all those years ago.
Fernando Terere can almost be considered the father of many of the modern jiu jitsu styles and techniques that we see in competition today. His style of passing and guard play were passed down to many of his top students who now dominate the tournament scene including; Andre Galvao, Conbrinha, and many others. As we began our study we were surprised just how much
As we began our study we were surprised just how much Terere’s game matched many of the modern passing styles that people like Andre Galvao are using today (with very little variation). Additionally, as forward-thinking as Terere’s jiu jitsu was, there is a sharpness in the simplicity in how he finished many of his matches.
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Takedown and Pass

Terere is known for his dynamic takedowns and passing game; and for good reason. He had approximately 17 guard passes out of 15 matches. That means he averaged more than 1 guard pass per match in our study. This is one of the highest percentages we’ve seen.
You could even argue that his passing average could be even higher if it wasn’t for the fact that he very often took his opponents back off of guard passes. He took his opponents back off a guard pass in 33% of the matches we watched.
As we quickly found out from observing Terere, his back takes were almost always a match ender. He finished his opponents from their back in 40% of the matches we observed.
Returning to our original point, Terere’s passing game is deadly for two reasons. The first is that — on average — he passes the guard +1 times per match, and in nearly 1/3 matches he took his opponents back off of a guard pass. So, if you’re competing against Fernando Terere, it is statistically probable he will pass your guard and also likely he will take your back off of the pass and choke you.

The Blending of Two Different Passes

There were really 2 different passes that Terere blended together really well that led to his unique success. The first was the X-Pass (and its variations; which include instances in which he’d make a low pant grip on the opposite leg). The second was a leg weave pass. These two types of passes accounted for approximately 65% of all of Terere’s guard passes.

The Future of Terere

Fernando Terere is one of the greatest competitors of all time. His recent return to competition marks a bright spot for jiu jitsu; as one it’s most exciting athletes has returned from a dark layoff. No one knows what the future holds for Terere, but it’s evident to anyone paying attention, that he has already left his mark on history.

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