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Pass The Guard Like Rodoldo Vieira

Check out this weeks breakdown of Rodolfo Vieira’s passing game. Pressure, level-change, and deflection are the names of the game!

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Nice video, think it states the obvious: free the leg for movement, change of direction, change levels, control distance. Maybe little more detail as far as what Rodolfo is looking to do against certain types of guards: grips, grip breaks, if he looks to lag drag from a certain position, or use bull pass, etc. etc. Just saying there is another video out there that is very detailed. Food for thought.

Wow, I feel guard passing an guard defending are key in higher levels of BJJ and not focused enough during the lower levels.
I’ve redirected my efforts to try and get more advanced in these areas. Lovata is one guy who does it expertly and after watching Vieira I have to say I have a lot to learn !!

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