Mikey Musumeci Jiu Jitsu Study

Mikey Musumeci Jiu Jitsu Study

Notable Study Stats:

  • 92% win rate
  • Scored first in 100% of wins
  • Submitted his opponent in 54% of wins
  • Takes his opponents back in 50% of all matches
  • 83% of submissions were chokes from the back
  • Only passed the guard in 17% of matches
  • Average match length was 6:33

Abstract: All matches observed of Mikey Musumeci used in this small sample occurred at major jiu jitsu events in the years 2015-2017. Only techniques, occurrences, and outcomes that were recorded are displayed in the data below (i.e. if no butterfly sweeps occurred, there will not be a representation of that in the sample data charts). Matches were selected at random based on freely available matches.

The Mikey Musumeci jiu jitsu breakdown

Mikey Musumeci is quietly becoming one of the most accomplished gi jiu Jitsu competitors on the scene today Not only is he one of America’s top talents, he’s often recognized as one of Jiu Jitsu’s brightest minds. Known for his dynamic berimbolo and pliable physique, Musumeci has become one of the most consistent competitors of the modern era. In our study, we see just why he’s become such a tough opponent for many to overcome.
mikey musumeci jiu jitsu

The study results

Mikey Musumeci was an ascending name in Jiu Jitsu long before he got his black belt. Known for having a complex and innovative guard game, Mikey was a multiple time world champion at the lower belts. However, as we’ve seen in the past, this does not always translate to black belt level competition. In Musumeci’s case, his talent has transitioned almost seamlessly to black belt.
The first thing people think of when they think of Mikey Musumeci is likely his guard game. This is for a very good reason. While you may notice that his sweep percentage is extremely low for a guard player – only recording a sweep in 1 of every 3 matches – his back taking ability from the guard is the highest we’ve ever recorded. Musumeci was able to take his opponents back from the guard in approximately 50% of matches.
This provides some deep insight into how Musumeci likes his matches to unfold. In the matches we watched, Musumeci very strategically chased his opponents back from the guard; often passing up opportunities for points to do so. This strategy has proven to pay big dividends for Musumeci; who finished from his opponents back 83% of the time when he was able to capture the position. Furthermore, he actually choked his opponent from the back in 45% of matches he won, and submitted his opponent in 50% in of his total matches (54% of his wins).
This is such a dynamic and successful strategy for Musumeci, it explains why we rarely find in him positions to pass guard. In fact, in our study we only observed him passing the guard twice. That means he has one of the lowest pass percentages we’ve ever recorded in the study (17%).
The stats around Musumeci’s success taking and finishing the back, and his lack of metrics in many other areas very neatly summarize the approach the Musumeci has applied to competition that has allowed him to quickly rise to the top of his weight division (regardless of the ruleset). He is incredibly hard to score against. Recording a submission – or the first points – in 100% of his wins.
mikey musumeci bjj
Mikey Musumeci’s strategy is easy to draw out in a statistical format, but don’t mistake the simplicity of his approach to a simplicity in his technique. Musumeci has a very articulate guard game with specific answers to every problem that his opponent presents him with. His technique is likely underrated; as he can probably be considered in that upper echelon of top guard players.
Ultimately, Musumeci is an ascending talent. He is one of America’s greatest talents and is still at the very beginning of his career. It’s likely that we still haven’t seen the best of what he has to offer.

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