KOZENFighter Grappling Series

St. Louis, MO – New to North America is the KOZEN Fighter Grappling Series®, a dynamic and fresh style of jiu jitsu tournament, designed with professional, friendly, and safe competition in mind. The KOZEN Fighter Grappling Series will bring the best elements of Brazilian jiu jitsu competition under one roof to cities across the United States. Competitors can expect to see professional levels of production, innovative technology, and a progressive, all-encompassing atmosphere for spectators.
Each of the KOZEN Fighter Grappling Series events will feature gi and no-gi jiu jitsu competition for children, adult males, adult females, teenagers, and masters (competitors over the age of 30). The tournaments will offer cutting edge online registration processes, streamlined bracketing and competitor tracking, professional regulation and production, and a promotional environment that will provide an upgraded experience for spectators and competitors alike. “It’s our mission to produce a high-quality Brazilian jiu jitsu tournament that you can feel good about bringing your kids, family, and friends to”, said co-founder, JW Wright.
The KOZEN Fighter Grappling Series was created by a group that includes JW and Laura Wright, the owners of Gracie Humaita St. Louis, Vince and Krista Anzelone, the founders of KOZEN Fight Gear, and Tyler and Jena Bishop, the founders of “Collectively we have all been involved in creating and producing jiu jitsu tournaments for over a decade. We believe that the intellectual capital that we all possess in each unique area will help us provide our customers with a superior experience before, during, and after each one of our events”, said Wright. The group founders all agreed upon emphasizing the safety and quality of children’s jiu jitsu competition, as well as the professionalism and production quality of all adult and masters divisions. “This event should be fun and inspiring for the whole family. You should be able to bring children to compete, and they should feel good about their experience”, said Vince Anzelone. “This should be an event that you can feel good about asking your friends, teammates, and significant other to attend”, said Krista Anzelone.
The first installment of the KOZEN Fighter Grappling Series is the Kansas City Open. The event will take place on July 27th at South Valley middle school in Liberty, Missouri. “We think Kansas City is a great place to start this new series of events”, said Tyler Bishop. The Kansas City event will be competitors’ first exposure to the new KOZEN Fighter Grappling Series – which will feature top Brazilian jiu jitsu vendors, healthy snacks, and a professional staff that includes highly trained referees. “People are hungry for an event that espouses true jiu jitsu principles in a fair and safe environment. We want everyone who attends our events to feel like they were a part of something unique and special”, Bishop added.
The KOZEN Fighter Grappling Series plans to hold 2 more tournaments in 2013, including events in Springfield, MO (September 7th) and St. Louis, MO (November 2nd ). In 2014, the KOZEN Fighter Grappling Series is scheduled to hold over 12 tournaments across the United States. “We feel like we can put competitors and spectators in a position to experience jiu jitsu in the best way possible”, said Wright. For more information about the KOZEN Fighter Grappling Series and all of their upcoming jiu jitsu events visit

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