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Why Kion EAAs are rare and needed if you only take BCAAs

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Why Kion EAAs are rare and needed if you only take BCAAs

Most athletes have been told that they should take BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) during or after workouts to help maintain muscle and recover faster. 

In doing a little research, I came across some information about  EAA’s ( essential amino acid) and how they were a better source of these essential protein components than the BCAAs.  I decided that I wanted to try taking EAAs vs the BCAAs I had previously been taking because I really didn’t think that I noticed a notable difference in my body’s performance when taking just BCAAs. 

EAAs were a little bit harder to find, in particular, finding a supplement without artificial additives.  At the time, Kion Aminos were virtually the only quality product I could find and I am glad that I tried them. 

What are EAAs?

EAAs are often referenced as the building blocks of proteins.  Out of the 20 amino acids, 9 of them are essential and account for 50% of every protein in your body.  Aminos acids are responsible for protein synthesis, enzyme production, hormone regulation, cognitive performance, neurotransmitter balance, and metabolism.

Being the building blocks of protein, EAAs contribute to increasing muscle mass and muscle recovery.  Consuming EAAs via the food you eat or by supplementation is necessary for enhancing athletic recovery — and thereby — performance.  

The Difference Between EAAs and BCAAs

When I first heard about supplementing with EAAs, I was confused because I assumed BCAAs contained all the aminos needed for recovery and maintenance/gain of muscle mass.  What I found out was BCAAs only contain 3 of the 9 essential aminos. 

Kion Aminos contain 8 of the 9.  Leaving out only one of the EAAs because the body can easily produce it when the other 8 are present. 

The problem with taking just BCAAs

The problem with taking BCAAs is that the body cannot utilize them very well, BCAAs have a metabolic utilization rate of about 1%; which means most of the aminos in any supplement you’re taking is going to waste.  Your body needs a complete amino profile for protein synthesis.  

Why Kion EAAs?

Kion Aminos provide a complete amino profile which allows your body to use 99% of the aminos consumed.   Kion aminos are fast-acting in that they are absorbed into the body quickly ( 30 min) making them readily available to fuel any workout. 

I prefer competing — and/or training — on a virtually empty stomach, so this gets a “chefs kiss” from me.  I can take the amino acids (I like to drink them) 30 minutes before a workout and feel energized, instead of weighed down, which some supplements and food will do.  Kion aminos are virtually calorie free and have zero artificial additives or preservatives. 

In the protein supplement world, this is hard to find.  EAAs are easily utilized by the body and there is little to no waste.  We know how great that is — considering most protein supplements like whey leave you feeling gassy and bloated — since your body can’t utilize many of those amino acids.

kion EAAs

How to use amino acids as an active athlete

Kion Aminos are formulated to fuel workouts, so here’s how to get the most out of using them.

  • You should take them 30 minutes before your workout to help improve muscle retention, add to your mental focus and get through whatever strain you put your body through. 
  • You can also take EAAs 20 min prior or 1-2 hours after any dietary protein.  Not only do they help fuel workouts but they can help in getting better sleep.  Every athlete knows that quality sleep is vital to recovery and performance.
  • You can take EAAs before bed to enhance the quality of your sleep.  Taking EAAs post workouts can improve your recovery rate, studies have shown that EAAs stimulate the anabolic process more effectively than other protein supplements. 

EAAs are a great appetite suppressant as well.  I practice intermittent fasting so EAAs are great to keep away the hunger pangs.  They can also serve as a great source of clean energy that won’t spike your blood sugar.  

How to get Kion EAAs

You can find Kion Aminos here


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