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Keenan & Tarsis Match Ends In Controversy (IBJJF Pro LA)

Keenan & Tarsis Match Ends In Controversy (IBJJF Pro LA)

The final of the men’s adult heavyweight division at the IBJJF Pro in LA ended in controversy this weekend. Keenan Cornelius took on Tarsis Humpreys.
The match was tied at 0-0 when Keenan Cornelius was disqualified for attacking the leg of Tarsis and allegedly illegally reaping and putting pressure on the knee. Cornelius was DQ’d after much deliberation and the match was awarded to Humprey’s.
Take a look at the video below and let us know your thoughts….

Keenan Cornelius vs Tarsis Humphreys

One reply on “Keenan & Tarsis Match Ends In Controversy (IBJJF Pro LA)”

As near as I could see, Tarsis’s leg was free (not trapped by the armpit or stuck on the ground) when the reap occurred. As I read the IBJJF rules on reaping, this is a legal and should not have resulted in a DQ. Hard to see clearly though.

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