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JT Torres Jiu Jitsu Breakdown

JT Torres Jiu Jitsu Breakdown

In the latest edition of It’s Science we take a close look at JT Torres; the famed lightweight Atos fighter. The full study and analysis will be in the next issue of Jiu Jitsu Style magazine so be sure to check it out.

Notable JT Torres Jiu Jitsu Stats:

  • 75% win rate
  • 85% of submissions came from the back
  • 25% of all matches ended with a back submission
  • Submitted opponent in 42% of matches
  • Average match length was approximately 7:50\
  • 54% of sweeps were from De La Riva guard
  • 43% of passes were leg drags
  • Scored first in every win (9/9)

The Jiu-Jitsu Breakdown:

JT Torres is a rare young veteran of competition jiu jitsu. He is about as experienced of a competitor as you will find; however he is still young in age. At only 26 years old, JT has accumulated over 33 major IBJJF medals at black belt. This experience is very apparent in his game; which is of a very surgical nature. Like some of the other Atos competitors we’ve studied before (see Rafa Mendes), Torres is very calculated and specific about the techniques he chooses.

The Study Results:

JT Torres has yet to win a gi World Championship at black belt despite coming extremely close in 2015. However, he hold victories over some of the sports greatest competitors. One of the things that has made JT so successful is the soundness of his technique. He makes very few mistakes. In fact, in every winning match we recorded, JT was the first to score.
JT is an extremely well-rounded grappler but choses his positions very carefully. When on the bottom, JT preferred the open guard – and more specifically – the De La Riva guard. 54% of his total sweeps came from this position. JT greatly prefers a technique in which he threads both legs through his standing opponent from De La Riva to off-balance them. In our study he used this effectively several times. Additionally, 1/5 of the submissions we recorded came from when JT was attacking from the guard position as well.
It would be a mistake to assume that Torres is simply a guard player. Torres had was very effective passing in the matches we reviewed. 71% of his passes started from a standing position; with 85% of those passes being of a leg drag or leg weave variety.
JT has also demonstrated a great ability to end the match in submission. He ended more win by submission than he did by points. He had a submission to points win ratio of 5/4; which is one of the best we’ve seen. JT preferred attacks from the back; something he is well known for. Over 60% of his submissions were from the back. Overall, 25% of all the matches we observed ended with JT choking his opponent from the back position.
Over 60% of his submissions were from the back. Overall, 25% of all the matches we observed ended with JT choking his opponent from the back position.

The Wrap Up

JT has proven himself to be one of the most effective and consistent grapplers on the planet. But, as he grows more and more senior to the young crop of new lightweight black belts he will have to find a way to stay ahead and finally get over that last hump if he wants to earn an IBJJF World Championship.
Coming off an injury this year, Torres is right on the cusp. As he heads into year 2 of injury recovery he will look to make that final jump. He has all the tools and experience to make it happen.

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