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#9 Interview with Olympic Judo gold medalist, Kayla Harrison – ADCC 13′, and much more…

#10 We talk to Carlos Machado, make early jiu jitsu season predictions, and more

#11 We talk to Bear from Shoyoroll and break down ADCC and the Jiu Jitsu Expo

#12 We improve sound  setup, discuss 2013 & 2014, and have a talk w/ World Champion Hillary Williams

#13 We interview Judo world champion and US Olympic coach Jimmy Pedro, and we make fun of Jon a lot

#14 We talk about the behind the scenes stories of the Abu Dhabi World Pro and much more…

#15 ::: 2014 Worlds Review (What happened, behind the scenes, and more…)

#16 Tony Pacenski, co-founder of the JJGF, and Travis Stevens, 2x Olympian in Judo, join us to talk about BJJ

#17 Gianni Grippo and Joao Faria join us as guests. We discuss Metamoris 5 and much more…

#18 The podcast returns – Jiu Jitsu in July

#19 – Jiu Jitsu stories and shenanigans

#20 – Crazy Tournament Stories

#21 – Pan Jiu Jitsu 2016 Breakdown + Much Much More