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Injury Prevention Techniques For Jiu Jitsu

Injury Prevention Techniques For Jiu Jitsu

Check out this video we put together a while back regarding injury prevention techniques for jiu jitsu athletes. These are all simple, affordable ways to keep yourself on the mats and out of the doctor’s office.

Note: I know it’s an older video. I’m a much more handsome and better looking fella now 🙂
injury prevention techniques jiu jitsu

What you need to get started

Here’s what might help you execute some of the exercises we discuss…

  • Lacross ball (tennis ball will also work for beginners)
  • Foam roller (there are a lot of options, all are good, but get something firm)
  • Duck tape (use this to tape two balls together to create another tool)

Hopefully, these injury prevention techniques help you.

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