Gabriel Arges Jiu Jitsu Breakdown & Stats

Gabriel Arges Jiu Jitsu Breakdown & Stats

Notable stats from our jiu jitsu study and breakdown of Gabriel Arges…

  • 91% win rate
  • 45% of his wins were by submission
  • Finished 4 different kinds of submissions
  • 6 Different types of sweeps were used
  • 80% of passes occurred from standing
  • 50% of sweeps were from De la Riva
  • Scored first in 8 of 11 wins

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About the jiu jitsu breakdown

All matches observed of Gabriel Arges, used in this small sample occurred inside of his weight division in the years 2014-2017. Only techniques, occurrences, and outcomes that were recorded are displayed in the data below (i.e. if no butterfly sweeps occurred, there will not be a representation of that in the sample data charts).
Matches were selected at random based on freely available matches. This is a limited sample – but given the estimated amount of matches in this time period – it is well above the percentage necessary to create a scientifically validated trend sampling.
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Who is Gabriel Arges

There are few competitors that have risen to the top of the ranks faster than Gabriel Arges. A talented purple belt just 2 years prior, Arges closed out the middleweight division at black belt in 2016. On his way to that title, he submitted world champion, Claudio Calasans, and solidified himself as one of the world best middleweights.

A study of Gabriel Arges jiu jitsu

While many of our study subjects have a very precise set of techniques that they choose to leverage, Arges is the benefactor of diversity.
His guard game is his greatest weapon and can be applied in a number of threatening ways. His success with a number of different techniques may be attributed to that fact that he is still improving and evolving.
In the matches we viewed, Arges had an impressive 91% win rate. His submission rate in those wins was approximately 45%. This is no easy feat for a new black belt. It is often said black belt is where the learning curve is the steepest, and Arges has clearly adapted quickly.
As we studied the game of Arges, it became apparent that one of his keys to victory is how well he leverages his guard. He pulled guard – regardless of his opponents tactics – in 100% of the matches we observed. This was proved to a smart calculation. Arges scored sweeps in 90% of his matches from guard.

Arges and De La Riva Guard

Arges’ seemed to strongly prefer De La Riva and closed guard for the majority of his attacks. 50% of his sweeps in the study came from De La Riva.
He scored one submission from closed guard, but mixed it seamlessly with de La Riva to score a lot of sweeps. Often he would threaten a submission on the arm or knee to force his opponent to concede the position.
While he did threaten the berimbolo often, it really was a more eclectic mix of finishing sweeps that we saw Arges come to the top with. We didn’t get to see a lot of Arges passing game in the study, but when we did, 80% were from the standing position. 60% of those passes were a long step variation.
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The future for Arges

Arges had no apparent trends in his submissions, but was able to secure them from both bottom and top. We saw him secure a diverse selection of upper and lower body attacks during the duration of the study.
Ultimately, it’s easy to see that Arges is a rising star. The only real question is how high will that star rise? He is one of the youngest champions on the scene today, and one that is seemingly improving with every competition. It’s entirely possible that Arges could be headed for the history books.

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