DJ Jackson Jiu Jitsu Study / Breakdown

DJ Jackson Jiu Jitsu Study / Breakdown

All matches observed of DJ Jackson used in this small sample occurred at major jiu jitsu events in the years 2012-2017. Only techniques, occurrences, and outcomes that were recorded are displayed in the data below (i.e. if no butterfly sweeps occurred, there will not be a representation of that in the sample data charts). Matches were selected at random. This is a limited sample – but given the estimated amount of matches in this time period – it is well above the percentage necessary to create a scientifically validated trend sampling.

The Full Study Will Be Available In The Next Issue of Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine.

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Quick Highlights

  • 75% win rate in the study
  • Scored first in 100% of wins
  • Average match length was approximately 7:30
  • 50% of submissions were Kimuras’
  • 44% of passes were over/under variations
  • 55% of passes started from the standing position
  • “100%” of sweeps were from half guard

The DJ Jackson BJJ Study

DJ Jackson is one of the most accomplished competitors across all grappling organizations and formats. He has shown a propensity to excel in submission-only, point, and alternative rulesets. Much of this is due to is exceptionally strong takedown game and relentless pressure. Jackson has proven himself to be difficult to score upon, hard to wear down, and unstoppable when he smells blood.
One of the most unique elements of Jackson’s game we observed in the study was his ability to stay on top. Although we did not breakdown every element of his stand-up game, much of this is due to his ability to defend and secure takedowns on opponents of even the highest wrestling or Judo pedigree. Jackson was only on the bottom once in our entire study.
dj jackson bjj
When on the bottom, we observed a single sweep. If opponents were to study this part of Jackson’s game hey would find themselves short on film; as his bottom/sweep ratio is 100% by our count.
When on top, Jackson is known for his relentless guard passing. In our study, we saw a diverse and dynamic string of passes that saw him secure a guard pass in 75% of total matches. 55% of his guard passing were initiated from a standing position. 44% of all passes were a variation of the over/under guard pass; something we saw Bernardo Faria have a lot of success with in our evaluation of him (although, Jackson uses a slightly different variation).
Unfortunately for opponents, Jackson is a threatening opponent even before he passes the guard. In this study, 50% of Jackson’s submissions occurred before – or in the process of – passing his opponents guard. However, regardless of position, Jackson’s submission of choice was the Kimura; a submission he has built a strong reputation for. In fact, 50% of all his submissions were Kimuras.

Wrapping it all up

Ultimately, Jackson is as underrated as they come. His pedigree and fundamentals are top notch and he has managed to stay at the top of every quality grappling organization jiu jitsu has to offer. He remains one of the most difficult draws in any division he enters and possesses a rare quality to completely annihilate other top level competitors that are not prepared for his pace (see his match with Vagner Rocha earlier this year). Jackson’s career is worth monitoring as he continues to chase titles and further develop his submission skills.

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