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2013 Pan Jiu Jitsu Media Coverage Part 1

Check our video blog from the first few days of the Pan Jiu Jitsu Championship.

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2013 Pan Jiu Jitsu Predictions

pan dredict
We watch a lot of film at In fact, whilst studying the 2012 World Championships for our study, we watched over 200 matches in a 2 week period of time. That certainly doesn’t make us experts, but it does make our opinions a little bit more informed than the average guy. Based on our knowledge, here are Tyler’s adult male picks for the 2013 Pan  Jiu Jitsu Championship.
Rooster: It’s hard to envision a scenario in which Caio Terra and Bruno Malfacine don’t meet in the finals. With Bruno coming off of injury Caio is the popular choice, but if Bruno has been able to maintain his physical abilities it is hard to see him losing
Bruno Malficine
Light-Feather: Let’s be honest, with only 11 guys in the division it looks as though Gui Mendes will probably clean up. His only recent loss is to Bruno – who moved down again to rooster again this year – so I predict an easy road for Gui Mendes.
Guilherme Mendes
Feather: This is such a tough weight class that likely comes down to the big 4  – Tanquinho, Cobrinha, Mario Reis, and Rafael Mendes. Mendes will be tough to beat, and there is strong chance he will meet Tanquinho or Cobrinha in the finals.
Light: This weight class is full of talent, and with the exit of Leandro Lo, the field is wide open. The door is open for JT Torres to finally nab his title, but it’s likely that the current going-on’s of his former team have affected his training, so it’s probably safer to go with one of the boys from Alliannce (Lucas Lepri, or Micheal Langhi)
Close out – Langhi and Lepri
Middle: Possibly the toughest of weight classes, it is truly up for grabs. Leandro Lo will give everyone in the division a tough time, and suspect he makes it into the finals. However; Kayron Gracie always seems to come out of nowhere for at least one event a year.
Kayron Gracie
Middle-Heavy: This is going to be Galvao and Barral’s division to lose. I expect an epic rematch in the finals
Romulo Barral
Heavy: No Rodolfo, no problem. Expect a war in the division.
Roberto Alencar
Super-Heavy: Unfortunately, we’ve seen this before. It’s hard to imagine anyone in this division dethroning Faria or Nogueira.
Close out Faria and Nogueira
Ultra-Heavy: Buchecha is certainly the favorite, but don’t sleep on Orlando Sanchez. Sanchez looked hard to beat in Chicago earlier this year. Also, athletes like Alexander Trans and Gustavo Dias will not make it easy for the young Checkmat competitor.

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Pan Jiu Jitsu Preview

In honor of the largest jiu jitsu tournament in the word, the Pan Ams, we’ve decided to start our preview with a look at the past. The video above highlights some of the best moments and most fierce action from the past years Pan Ams.
Speaking of the past, specializes in evaluating and measuring past jiu jitsu activities. The 2012 Pan Ams was our first large scale study on jiu jitsu ever conducted. We continued that effort at the 2012 World Championships, and will keep it moving this year with our evaluation of the 2013 Pan this week. This is very exciting – as it will mark the first time in history that we can evaluate real trends in jiu jitsu empirically. For some, this could not be more boring, so below we have done our best to make it interesting.
Last year, we observed that nearly 80% of adult black belt matches resulted in the first person to score being the winner. I suspect this will not change much this year. This was a trend that was largely intact at the 2012 Worlds as well. However, as tactics, positions, and strategies change there is no telling what effect this could have on the scoring paradigm. What do you think, are first points going to be just as valuable this year as they were last year?
Is guard pulling here to stay? Well obviously there will always be guard pullers, but at black belt adult last year nearly 70% of competitors pulled guard. Will this trend continue in 2013? My belief is that the trend will begin to swing back in another direction this year as advanced guard games have been studied more and new techniques have been developed, but it is hard to predict. The other question is if it continues will it remain a successful strategy? Last year the money was on guard pullers. They won nearly 60% of their matches. The only more successful strategy is taking the opponent down, which resulted in a victory rate of almost 73% (note: they also score first, so it’s kind of a double-whammy). Also, will we see this trend expand into the larger weight classes like we started to see in the worlds study last year, or will the big guys continue to fight for the top position? these will all be very interesting questions to answer
Finally, who’s going to win, and who’s going to steal the show? Last year Rafael Mendes stole the show by defeating Cobrinha with a nasty armlock, and Bruno Malficine prevented the lighter Mendes brother, Guilherme, from joining his brother atop the podium. Who will be this years standouts? It’s extremely likely that someone from the young crop of fresh black belts is able to surprise several veterans this year, but it’s hard to tell who will be the one to step up. What are your thoughts?
We will see you there, and will be providing daily media updates (including fresh footage), so stay tuned and keep checking the site everyday!!!

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Will Skittles Make You Better At Jiu Jitsu?

skittles bjj
Wait, what? This can’t be a real article, can it? The idea of the popular junk food candy Skittles improving a person’s jiu jitsu is an absurd proposition. What if I told you that the premise is largely true, and that Americas favorite rainbow treat could help competitors with a common obstacle?
So how can Skittles improve your jiu jtisu? Well, Skittles aren’t necessarily going to make your armbars tighter, your guard passing heavier, or your omoplata’s slicker, but they may help you with a certain psycho-nervous system reaction that can impede competitive performance. Xerostomia is a condition that can result from stressful conditions. Xerostomia is that dry-mouth-dry-eyes feeling you get before and during competition that can make breathing and swallowing more difficult. Even the most relaxed and experienced competitors’ likely experience some form of Xerostomia, as it results from the heightened secretion of neurotransmitters that relate to the bodies reaction to competitive or nervous situations.
So how exactly do Skittles help prevent Xerostomia? To be honest, it’s not just Skittles that can help, but just about any fruity candy or flavorful sugary treat. The sweetness of sugar and prevalence of flavor activate your salivary glands in a way that keeps your body from experiencing the bulk of symptoms related to Xerostomia. Simple sugars activate these glands, and flavors – such as those in Skittles – and create a reaction that keeps your mouth from drying out. Chewing on a hand full of Skittles minutes prior to a competitive experience can help prevent that dry mouth feeling, and actually improve your breathing. In fact, there are even a few mouth piece companies out there that celebrate this premise by flavoring their mouth pieces (so, if you wear a mouthpiece, that may be worth looking into as well). However, there is still the lack of sugar to consider when you go the mouthpiece route. Either way, even if you don’t dramatically experience these symptoms, research tells us it is still likely occurring in some capacity, so it is still likely that you would benefit from experimenting with these practices anyways.
So why exactly should we pick Skittles again? The great news is that you don’t really have to, but they are in-fact a great option. You can actually pick a healthier option that meets the same above criteria, but there are some exceptions. Fruit is likely too messy, and with the exception of something like pineapple, too filling right before a match. Honey and energy gels can often have the opposite effect because of the ingredient’s and consistency. Studies show that mints and candies typically work the best. Skittles are a good choice because they are cheap; available at most venue concessions stands, and are available around the world.
So next time you compete, don’t forget to bring the Skittles. And remember, if you don’t use Skittles, there is a good chance your opponent will. Make sure you level the sugary playing field.
Sekai pic1

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Fuji Gi Review

Comparing the 2013 Fuji Kassen and Fuji Summerweight Kimono’s

By: Tyler and Jena Bishop
fuji title

Our Approach:

We try to take a scientific approach in everything we do. So we will try our best to maintain those same ideals when evaluating gi’s. Unfortunately, part of reviewing a gi is evaluating personal feel, touch, and preference. Between the two of us, we have probably owned 30+ gi’s including just about every popular brand you could imagine, so we will do our best to pass along both our empirical and preferential attitudes as we review these two fine kimonos.

The Run-Down (Prior Experiences and Personal Perspectives)

Having both owned and experienced Fuji Sports gi’s in the past (Our association RGDA – RoylerGracie/David Adiv uses them as their official kimono), we both came into this review with a wealth of experience and positive impressions of Fuji kimono’s. Why, you might ask? Over the course of the last 7 years we have watched the technology, fit, style, and comfort of gi’s improve significantly every year. This is likely due to the tremendous growth of the sport, and the growing field of gi companies in the United States. Unfortunately, we have also watched an equal correlation persist with the life expectancy of these gi’s during this same time period. Over the past 4 years, there is only one gi that we have owned that didn’t have to go into the “repair shop” after at least one year of use. That is the Fuji gi.
We both average two jiu jitsu training sessions a day, so most of our gi’s take a pretty serious beating. Not just on the mats, but in the washing machine. We have always maintained a very positive outlook on the Fuji products durability and long-term viability in training and competition. Practically speaking, this is one of the most important elements to us in a kimono to begin with. No matter how perfect a gi might fit, feel, and look, if it tears or is ruined within a year it has been a poor investment for us overall. This is why we generally have a very strong and positive outlook of Fuji Sports Jiu Jitsu products.
Intro To Both Gi’s

Kassen (2013 Edition): The Kassen is Fuji Sport’s premium heavy duty pearl weave gi. It retails for $139.00. Our first impression of the gi was that it was built to last. It was a tad heavier than most of our other gi’s, but incredibly soft (more on this later). The gi has a strong but flexible collar, and contains obviously strong reinforcements in all the delicate areas. It is the kind of gi you would love to wear in competition if you can spare the weight. Why? Strong gi’s with added support are harder to maintain grips on, and the lack of “give” in the sleeves make spider-guard and leg-lasso techniques harder to apply. As tough as this gi looks and feels on the outside, it feels like a luxury vehicle on the inside. It is very form fitting, and allows for flexible movement. It combines a lot of the best of both worlds in terms of durability and “wearability”.
Summerweight (2013 Edition): The Summerweight is Fuji Sport’s premium light weight gi. It retails for $109.00-119.00 (depending on color). The rise of the light weight gi has been pretty rapid in the last few years – as competitors race to save every ounce of weight for IBJJF tournaments. Fuji brings this gi to the market in a very responsible way. It is not the lightest of light weight gi’s – it weighs approximately 3lbs 5 oz. -but this is ultimately why it is one of the best on the market. Where most lightweight gi’s fall short is there ability to keep a fitting style and practical functionality to their design. Often gi’s that are light weight feature a flimsy collar that will have opponents licking their collar-choking chops. In the case of the Fuji Summerweight gi, that is certainly not the case. It features a very strong – yet flexible – collar, and a beautifully textured and soft pair of pants. The gi fit us both like a glove, and was very comfortable to roll in. Our first impression was that it provides everything we look for in a competition gi.


Tyler is a 5’11 175 lb male competitor: The A3 fit me perfectly. I fluctuate between an A2 and A3 depending on the brand. Very few gi’s fit me correctly. The Kassen fit me very comfortably, and provided the fitted look I enjoy. The sleeve and pant length are exactly how I like them and the gi top is long enough to cover my  pant draw strings (surprisingly, one of the hardest things for me to find in a gi).
Jena is a 5’4 130 lb female competitor: The A1 fit me very well. As all women know, finding a gi that fits the right way can be difficult. At first the gi was a little big, but after 2 trips into the dryer it fit me in all the right ways. The sleeve and pant lengths are right on point. I was surprised to find an A1 that fit me the way this gi did.
Tyler is a 5’11 175 lb male competitor: After washing it once, this gi had a nice fitted look, perfect sleeve length, and trim pants with enough room to move around in. The A3 Fuji gi is obviously a perfect size for someone of my stature.
Jena is a 5’4 130 lb female competitor: Again, after a few washes I found this to fit as well as any other companies A1. I was really happy with the sleeve length being perfect for my arms. Having a lightweight gi that fits my frame is hard to find, and Fuji hit a home run with this gi.
Overall: Both gi’s fit our frames very well. When they come out of the box they feel a little big, but the plus side is that they shrink up into a very nice modern fit.

Rolling performance, fit, and comfort.

Kassen: When rolling in the Kassen you tend to get a very strong feeling. The gi will not be manipulated easily. It maintains it’s form and structure throughout even the most intense rolling sessions. Fortunately, it remains almost unbelievably comfortable throughout its use. It’s very hard to come by such a strong gi that is this comfortable. Many gi’s with this kind of structure and support feel heavy and uncomfortable to roll in. The Kassen has the added benefit of allowing a full range of motion, and would be a great gi to train and compete in. In fact, Tyler competed in the Kassen at the World Pro Trials, and was very happy with the performance.
Summerweight: It cannot be stressed enough how well this gi has blended functionality with a lightweight design. It is truly a perfect hybrid design. We have come to strongly dislike many of the typical lightweight gi’s due to the ease at which they can be manipulated. The Summerweight does not sacrifice the design in the creation of this lightweight gi, and the competitor benefits by receiving a very comfortable, lightweight, and durable product. The downside of this is that it will not win a lightest gi contest. In fact, it’s actual weight is almost 1lb heavier than many other lightweight gi’s. The benefit of this design is it’s fitted style and traditional build. To us, this is about as perfect as a competition gi could be designed. Light enough to keep you from tipping the scales, and designed and built well enough to keep you from having an opponent hanging off you for the entire match.


Both gi’s are among the very best available at any price point, but with both being under $150 they provide a unique value that is nearly unparalleled.  So which is best for you? Our impressions were that both could actually be great competition gi’s depending on your specifications. If you fear the scale, then there is no doubt the Summerweight is probably your best bet. If you would like a gi that will help you tire the grips of your opponent, and don’t mind a little added weight, we would recommend the Kassen.  The Kassen will also likely become the most durable gi in your portfolio, so if your looking for a gi that can last a very long time the Kassen is probably a good fit. However, if you live in a warm climate, then the feel and weight of the Summerweight might prove to be a better investment.
Honestly you can’t go wrong with either gi. Your best bet is to examine which one fits your goals and specifications the best, as outlined above, and go from there. The Fuji Sports website always sells the gi’s for a fair price, but other stores online often have sales and special offers you may want to take advantage of. We hope this review helps. Any other questions about the gi’s can be directed at [email protected].

BishopBjj News Podcast #1

[vimeo w=500&h=281]
Our first podcast was recorded at the World Pro Trials in San Antonio this past weekend. It is not up to snuff in comparison to the quality of material we normally produce, but since this is the first one we expect significant improvement each time we create a podcast. Rather than scrapping this one we choose to release it. The content of the conversations is really funny and interesting good. Also, check out some of the funny stories about crazy training partners at the end!
We mention an interview with David Adiv in the podcast. Unfortunately, we are saving that for episode #2. We are purchasing some new podcast software so that we can improve the quality and production of the podcast, and wanted to save that material until the new stuff was in place. This podcast features Royler Gracie black belt, JW Wright, Abu Dhabi Pro absolute champion, Nick Scrock, 6x World Medalist, Jena Bishop, and Jon Perrine.
We appreciate any feedback, and are looking forward to this process as it improves.

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Jiu Jitsu Rewind: European 2013, WPJJ -SD

Keenan Cornelius and Magid Hage  W/ Sick Moves

By: Tyler Bishop
Poor Miyao brothers. Unfortunately, they are both the source of incredible highlights this weekend. On the bright-side, most of what we are talking about wouldn’t even be a story if they both weren’t held in such high regard. I don’t know what’s more impressive – passing Paulo’s guard, or putting Joao unconscious. Obviously a lot more than this happened at the Euro’s, but these matches got the community buzzing. Another big story coming out of the European Championship is the resurgence of Fernando “Terere”. His comeback was cut short by a DQ in the finals against Claudio Calassans, but that doesn’t make his story any less impressive. His student “FinFou” actually bowed out to him earlier in the competition to give him back a black belt he had once sold him when he was down on his luck. We wish Fernando the best in the future. It is certainly exciting to have him back on the scene.
Also, it’s important to point out that Magid Hage came out of nowhere to win the WPJJ-San Diego trials this weekend. Most people know the likes of Zak Maxwell and Clark Gracie, but this fella came out of left field. And, he found a way to submit  both the aforementioned competitors with a throwback choke from the bottom.
What do you think the stories will be coming from the Pans, WPJJ, and Worlds this year?

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2012: A Jiu Jitsu Year In Review

2012 was a great year for because it was our first year in existence, and it would be hard to imagine that it could have gone much better. We’ve had over 100,000 unique visitors since March, and our YouTube account is nearly double that. We can’t wait to see what the New Year brings. Make sure to watch our buddy Phil’s deep thoughts after the video above!
Our studies, research, and unique perspective on jiu jitsu has attracted the attention of some of the people we respect the most in this industry, and for that we are truly humbled. We want to make sure to thank the people that have helped make this site so great this year. Everyone listed below deserves your attention if you love jiu jitsu.
Neocell Sport
– The only reason we can train twice a day everyday is because of NeoCell Sport. We genuinely believe that.
BudoVideos (Budo Jake and Budo Dane)
Science Of Skill
The Jiu Jitsu Lab
BJJ Eastern Europe
Jiu Jitsu Mag
Gracie Humaita St. Louis
Royler Gracie
Subculture USA

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Best BJJ Blog

We are very proud to announce that we were selected as best BJJ blog by the Jiu Jitsu Laboratory. It is great to be recognized by your peers, and we feel blessed to be recognized by someone we have such great respect for.
We have grown this site beyond what we ever thought possible. We have a very ambitious 2013 planned, and hope that everyone who has joined us to this point will continue to do so as we pursue to create exciting, impactful, and engaging content.

BishopBjj News in Jiu Jitsu Magazine

jj mag
If you haven’t already, you are going to want to check out our 4-page article in this months Jiu-Jitsu Magazine. It has a lot of breakdowns from our Worlds study that we did not include in the original copy. So if you want to see a lot of cool stats that are just now being released, you will have to get a copy of this months issue.