IBJJF Pro League (First Details)

Here is the English translation of the breaking news from GracieMag¬† about the new “Pro League”.

A new event in Jiu-Jitsu promises to gather the cream of the crop of the gentle art in Long Beach in late 2012.

The first edition of the Pro League hosted by the IBJJF happens on December 8, at the now famous pyramid at California State University (CSULB). The exclusive tournament for black belts will have total prize pool of $ 15,000 to be divided among the winners.

According to organizers, there will be only three weight classes, but this number may increase as well as the value of the awards in the future. Each category will have eight of the top athletes in world.

In the coming days, GRACIEMAG.com will work exclusively with IBJJF to provide more news on the Pro League.

Stay tuned!

For those that attended the Worlds this year, you may have noticed the center mats displaying a logo for the “Black Belt League” during the final day. This raised as many questions as yesterdays announcement that the IBJJF intended to develop a league and pay the top athletes for competing. The above correspondence appears to be the first of many details.

While initially the concept seems to leave a lot to be desired, I suppose it has to start somewhere, and I bet the the top athletes that have been competing with no prize money will welcome the change.

The new Worlds study is coming along nicely, and will feature some really special analysis, so don’t miss it when it drops. Be sure to sign up to get your copy today!!!!

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