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About BishopBjj

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The Science Of Jiu Jitsu

The goal of is to expand and empower the jiu jitsu community. We want to emphasize the science and art of jiu jitsu in fun and exciting ways. We want to highlight what makes jiu jitsu so calculated, but also what makes it so much fun. Our vision is that the studies, videos, and material we produce will ultimately go towards the collective benefit of the field (everyone who visits).

  • Jiu Jitsu Studies

    Our World study in 2012 included observations from over 40% of all black belt matches

  • Competitor Breakdowns

    We've broken down over 30 top jiu jitsu players

  • Expertise

    Between Tyler & Jena there are over 80 competition wins

  • Score first

    Our studies reveal that the player who scores first wins 75% of the time

Tyler & Jena Bishop

Tyler & Jena Bishop are Gracie Humaita black belts located in San Diego, CA
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Tyler Bishop

Black Belt
Tyler is a Gracie Humaita black belt, former MMA champion, active bjj competitor, and award-winning digital marketer.
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Jena Bishop

Black Belt
Jena received her black belt in 5 years. She is a 12-time Pan & World medalist, and 2013 brown belt world champion.

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